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New changes to Capital Allowances – Financial Bill 2012

The new financial bill of 2012 has arrived and as we expected the Government have made even more changes to Capital Allowances. It is however, better news than we thought! The word on the street was that Capital Allowances were … Continue reading

Capital Allowances for hotels

As an owner of either a Hotel, Guest house or Bed & Breakfast establishment, do you know you can be sitting on a little known tax stimulus given by Her Majesty’s Government? One that is rightfully yours to claim? We … Continue reading

Furnished Holiday Lets – FHL Capital Allowances in the UK and Europe

Do you own a Furnished Holiday Let in the UK or the rest of Europe? Did you know that your Furnished Holiday Let has the ability to unlock a a serious tax rebate and relief (if it fits minimum criteria) … Continue reading

Budget changes and your Capital Allowances claims

With the Chancellor, George Osborne, announcing a change in corporation tax and a drop in tax for high earners in the 2012 budget, perhaps its not all ‘doom and gloom’! How will this affect your business though?? Most people see … Continue reading

Look to your own commercial property to find the extra cash to fund your business, not loans or credit cards.

It is not every day you come to a realisation that you have the right to claim a substantial figure from the Government and that it is your right to receive it. Also, it is not every day you buy … Continue reading

The only time it is good to be in the higher tax bracket

Obviously earning a high income has always been a good thing; however when you reach the upper tax bracket of income, the 50% tax you have to pay is a bit of a disappointment. If you are a commercial property … Continue reading

What does Capital Allowances and The Plant And Machinery Act actually cover?

Are you a commercial property owner? If so you are sitting on a potential tax relief of thousands of pounds that you are probably not aware of! In 2001, Gordon Brown made the ‘Plant and Machinery Act’ more accessible in … Continue reading

Capital Allowances – Surely my Accountant has claimed everything I am entitled to?

When you run a business and own a commercial property you are likely to also have various support including an accountant who looks after your accounts, files your tax return and takes care of all your financial matters. We have … Continue reading

Capital Allowances News from Capital Allowances Claims

Welcome to our Capital Allowances Claims website! We aim to give you information about the complicated set of laws that are Capital Allowances and help you to claim what you are entitled to from the Government. Our team have been … Continue reading