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Claiming Capital Allowances – Claims Process Explained

There are two ways of claiming Capital Allowances through Capital Allowances Claims and CA Tax Solutions who are our preferred partner.

The first option

If you have all the information about Capital Allowances and your properties and you don’t have any questions you can get the process started now by filling in a Client Instruction Form online here and your claim will skip the first two sections below.

The second option

Call us or request a call-back (CA TAX Solutions). This will ensure you can speak to a consultant and let us talk you through the process so we can explain in detail what that means for you. We are available between 9:00am and 5:30pm to help you. If you would like to speak to us outside of these hours please fill in the ‘request a call-back’ form and we will call you when we are in the office.

How to claim Capital Allowances – The full process

First Call – About Capital Allowances & your entitlement

When you first speak to a Capital Allowances Consultant they will explain all about the Capital Allowances Act and how it relates to your business and property/properties, including explaining your entitlement. They will find out the details of your buildings and their fixtures, fittings and purpose including;

  • Purchase price
  • Purchase date
  • Tax rate
  • Ownership/entity
  • Previous claims
  • Current property purpose

Once they have this information the Capital Allowances Consultant will do an estimated calculation and let you know how much they believe you will be entitled to claim back from the Government. Usually you will be entitled to roughly 30% of original purchase price.

This first call and estimate takes approximately 10 minutes – Get started now by calling 0161 968 2051

Completion of the Client Instruction Form

Once you understand how Capital Allowances work and that you are entitled to tax relief we then continue the process by filling in the Client Instruction Form. The consultant can do it for you and fax/email it across for you to sign and send back or you can fill it in yourself online

What information is required on the Client Instruction Form?

  • Purchase price
  • Purchase date
  • Ownership/entity
  • Current property purpose
  • Your details
  • Solicitors/Accountants contact details
  • Your permission to contact and work with your Solicitors/Accountants
  • Your permission to obtain accounting and prior claims information to allow us to analyse your entitlement
  • Your permission to process the claim

It takes approximately 5 minutes to fill in the Client Instruction Form online. If you would like the consultant to fill in the form for you over the phone they will do this and then send it to you to sign. You will need to check, sign and send it back via fax or scan and email andit will be submitted immediately for you.

Confirmation of claim receipt & introduction of Claim Manager

After the Client Instruction Form is submitted it will go directly to CA Tax Solutions head office to be processed by one of the Claim Managers. The Claim Manager will contact you within 3 working days to welcome you and confirm all the details on your Client Instruction Form. They will be your main point of contact from that point and will oversee the claim all the way through, answering any questions and managing the process to ensure you get the tax relief you are entitled to.

Analysis of accounts & previous claims

Once you are acquainted with your Claims Manager and they have checked the details on your Client Instruction Form they will then go away and contact your accountant to obtain the accounts and any details of previous Capital Allowances relevant claims. Because your Claims Manager has specialised knowledge of the laws associated with claiming Capital Allowances and your accountant has detailed knowledge of your accounts, they will speak to your accountant, analyse your accounts and find out the relevant information. In 99% of the cases we have found that the accountants we deal with will not charge you for their time.

This part of the process can take up to a week providing we can reach your accountant easily.

Full site survey & production of Capital Allowances Report

At this stage of the process CA TAX Solutions will send a specialist out to your premises to do a full site and property survey. The day and time of this will be arranged with you by your Claims Manager and will usually be within three weeks of the analysis of accounts and previous claims. Once the specialist has visited your property they will go away and produce a Capital Allowance Report.

Sign off and Submission to HMRC and Inland Revenue

Once the Capital Allowances Report is completed it will be sent to your accountant for their approval and sign off. Following this, CA TAX Solutions will submit it to HMRC and Inland Revenue to be processed. It usually takes up to 3 months for the refund to be processed and granted. You will be notified at this point by HMRC.

Depending on your claim you will usually receive a partial rebate in the form of a cheque (if you paid tax on the business in the previous year) and a certain percentage of tax relief that you can deduct from your following tax bills going forward.

If you did not pay tax in the previous year on the business you will receive a certain percentage of tax relief going forward. Your Capital Allowances Consultant will go through this with you in more detail to ensure you understand how you will receive the tax relief before you even fill in the Client Instruction Form.

For more information and to get your claim started please call 0161 968 2051