Look to your own commercial property to find the extra cash to fund your business, not loans or credit cards.

It is not every day you come to a realisation that you have the right to claim a substantial figure from the Government and that it is your right to receive it. Also, it is not every day you buy commercial property. However, this is what the Government in our current economic climate is promoting; the right to claim tax relief and rebates on commercial property.

This year, you may start to notice the phrases ‘Grants for New Businesses’ and ‘Reducing Start Up Costs’ floating around the ever illuminated industrial atmosphere. The Governments thoughts behind such daring statements, we believe, is that in business ‘you need to speculate to accumulate’ in order to help pull out of the recession. These are exciting and lucrative times to any businessman or businesswoman with the product and knowledge behind them.

Did you realise though, that large sums of accessible cash have been readily available to every single commercial property owner over the last 70 years, and only 10% of all owners who qualify have ever cashed in. If you’re looking to expand your business, before looking towards the possibilities of grants with all their terms and conditions, look to your own property first!

By looking deeper into ‘The Plant & Machinery Act‘, with a certified specialist in this field alone, you may be made aware of tens of thousands of pounds which are already your unclaimed Capital Allowance tax rebate ready to be claimed. If you’re starting a new business and have a new commercial property, it is your right to receive Annual Investment Allowance (AIA), a tax stimulus accelerator. AIA has only been available since 2008 and it is also, in true governmental legislation, a complex topic.

Any company who holds a serious knowledge and reputation in Capital Allowances can provide this knowledge and with an understanding of your return from the HMRC, completely free of charge. We have been working in this area for years and operate a ‘no win, no fee’ policy so there really is only a lot to gain.

For further insight into this area and to find out if you are entitled to claim please contact us today on 0161 968 2051. As for pulling out of a recession, I wish us all the very best of luck.