Furnished Holiday Lets – FHL Capital Allowances in the UK and Europe

Do you own a Furnished Holiday Let in the UK or the rest of Europe? Did you know that your Furnished Holiday Let has the ability to unlock a a serious tax rebate and relief (if it fits minimum criteria) for the UK tax paying property owner?

How do you know if your FHL qualifies for a Capital Allowances claim?

The minimum criteria:

  • If you bought your property for more than £200k
  • If you are paying tax on the rent-able income of the property
  • The property must be in the EEA (European Economic Area)
  • The property must be let to the public for at least 70 days of the year*
  • The property must be available to let to the public for 140 Days of the year*.

*There is a period of grace on these figures.

If your property fits the above criteria then congratulations as you are very likely to be entitled to a significant tax rebate/relief. It is your right to receive FHL Capital Allowances, based on a legislation called ‘Plant & Machinery Act’ whereby you can claim for the taxable integral features of the intrinsic fabrication of the property.

A recent example of one of our FHL Capital Allowances Claims;

  • Mrs Sheppard – 40% tax payer
  • Bought her property in France for £415k in March 2010
  • Capital Allowances Pool was identified as £166k
  • Capital Allowances claim payable to Mrs Sheppard = £66,400

Mrs Sheppard contacted us via our website callback form, spoke to our consultants and then sat back while we did all the hard work to get her claim processed through the HMRC.

To get your claim kicked off and to receive the cash you are entitled to from the Government call us now on 0161 968 2051 or fill in our callback form. We will provide you with your own personal Net Benefit Analysis, completely free of charge to tell you how much you should be entitled to.