Capital Allowances – Surely my Accountant has claimed everything I am entitled to?

When you run a business and own a commercial property you are likely to also have various support including an accountant who looks after your accounts, files your tax return and takes care of all your financial matters. We have found that most accountants are brilliant at their jobs as they have a vast knowledge of general financial laws and needs and are able to combine all of this to keep your business ticking over on an ongoing basis.

When it comes to constantly changing, complicated laws like Capital Allowances however, there seems to be a large number of businesses who are claiming some but not all of the Capital Allowances they are actually entitled to. In our experience only 10% of commercial buildings had been claimed for fully or at all, which means there is a huge amount of unclaimed tax relief out there! This is no fault of the accountant; it is simply because it is such a specialist area.

To highlight our point we sometimes compare an Accountant to a GP Doctor who has a wide range of professional knowledge but who will refer you to a specialist if there is something that needs specialist consultation.

We work with your accountant, not against them

When it comes to your finances and more specifically Capital Allowances we are the specialists. We keep up to date with all the recent law changes and are working on claiming back over £1.5billion for our current clients. We have agreements with several accountancy firms all over the UK to provide specialist Capital Allowances consultation and as part of our claims process we will get our Capital Allowances Report signed off by your accountant. In 99% of the cases the Accountants we have dealt with will not charge you for the time in helping us claim for you.

See the full claims process here and speak to us about your commercial property so we can let you know how much you are entitled to! Call 0161 968 2051 now.