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Welcome to our Capital Allowances Claims website!

We aim to give you information about the complicated set of laws that are Capital Allowances and help you to claim what you are entitled to from the Government.

Our team have been specialising in Capital Allowances for over 4 years and work exclusively in this area meaning we really know our stuff. At present we are working on claims in excess of £1.5billion for our clients.

Capital Allowances are a great incentive from the Government to stimulate the economy for commercial property owners and help them to grow their businesses. As a commercial property owner you are able to claim back a certain percentage of the Capital Allowances pool identified by our specialists dependent on your business and property circumstances. Capital Allowances will enable you to claim tax relief year on year on a sliding scale. Your yearly tax relief allowance depends on the percentage of tax you pay on the profits of your business.

The Annual Investment Allowance (or AIA) is an accelerated tax relief for any commercial property owner who has purchased their property in the past year to two years (depending) and works out to be around £100,000 until April 2012 and then will drop to £25,000 from April. This means that any property that is purchased after April 2012 will only be entitled to a percentage of £25,000, which will still work out to be a significant amount!

Our advisors will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of your Capital Allowances rebate/tax relief within a few minutes so don’t delay in getting your claim started. Call us now on 0161 968 2051.