Capital Allowances for hotels

As an owner of either a Hotel, Guest house or Bed & Breakfast establishment, do you know you can be sitting on a little known tax stimulus given by Her Majesty’s Government? One that is rightfully yours to claim?

We all know that over the last few years the hotel industry has been suffering with a drop in bookings. With the upcoming Olympics just around the corner, hoteliers are anticipating a boom in bookings and therefore higher profits for the business.

Obviously the Tax man is going to want a ‘piece of the action’. There is good news though, with the help of CA Tax Solutions your Hotel Allowances would help you keep more of your well earned profits. ‘How’ I hear you cry?

Due to the Capital Allowances Act 2001, you are likely to be sitting on untapped tax relief and possible rebate. This is a stimulus which has been around for more than 70 years and is readily available to all commercial property owners who understand what it takes to claim. You should unlock your Capital Allowances as this is your right to claim. Capital Allowances claims are based on the integral Capital Allowances pool that allocated to your Hotel, Guest House or Bed & Breakfast. This is a specialist area and in no way undermines your accountants ability.

Capital Allowance claims are only claimable through a handful of specialists in the country, with CA Tax Solutions being one of the main companies.

This is what the Guardian has written about our company and our services

An Example;

  • Mr Bourne bought a hotel in Greenwich for £850,000 in 2007
  • CA Tax Solutions identified £382,500 Capital Allowances pool
  • Mr Bourne is a 40% tax payer
  • He received a tax rebate of £30,600
  • His tax relief this year will be £24,480
  • His overall tax relief will be £136,338 after all fees and deductions

To discuss whether your commercial property fits the criteria and to get your claim started call us on 0161 968 2035. We look forward to speaking to you.