Capital Tax Allowances

Capital Allowances or Capital Tax Allowances as they can be known to some are very beneficial to commercial property owners because they can provide huge levels of current and future tax relief, and in some cases rebates for tax that has already been paid in the previous years for the owners of commercial property. It seems strange that people do not claim Capital Allowances tax relief if they are entitled to it, however as it is a complicated subject they may not know how to go about claiming. We are able to help if that is the case for you.

The simplest way to claim back tax capital allowances (relief on corporation or income tax) is to let a specialist company do all the hard work. Our partner has been helping people claim Inland Revenue Capital Allowances (HMRC) for over 4 years and we consider them to be experts. The process is simple for you too, see the claims process here.

Corporation Tax Capital Allowances – Tax Relief

You may have claimed Corporation Tax Capital Allowances on your commercial property in the past, which means you don’t have to pay as much tax on the profits of your business. We have found that without consulting a specialist company only 10% of people who calculated their own Capital Allowances as part of their standard yearly return with the help of their accountancy firm will not have claimed all they are entitled to. Most accountancy firms will not have the specialist skills needed to be able to fully maximise the tax relief that is held within the intrinsic fabrication of the building.

You are likely to be able to claim more so get in touch now and let our consultants do the hard work for you – 0161 968 2051