Capital Allowances Explained

What are Capital Allowances?

Capital Allowances are a way of reducing the amount of tax you pay on the profits of your business through the purchase price of your commercial property and the internal fixtures and fittings. Claiming capital Allowances should be encouraged as it is a brilliant way of stimulating your business and allowing your business to grow, including extensions and conversions.

Capital Allowances explained

Capital Allowances can be difficult to understand and are definitely difficult to calculate if you do not know the ins and outs of the laws associated. Basically, if you are a commercial property owner you are able to claim tax relief on the profits of your business and the purchase price of new and already purchased property for business purposes. This can include renovations, conversions and for integral fixtures and fittings. There are many variations and differences in each case and even Capital Allowances explained simply can still be difficult to understand! Because we have partnered with a Capital Allowances specialist company who have been specialising in this type of tax law for over 4 years we are ideally placed to help you.

Accelerated Capital Allowances

Accelerated Capital Allowances is another term for Annual Investment Allowance. This means you are entitled to claim the percentage of tax you paid on the profits of your business and commercial property last year against £100,000. This is the case until April 2012, after which the allowance drops to £25,000.

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