About Capital Allowances Claims

Welcome to our Capital Allowances Claims website!

As a commercial property owner you have taken the first step to finding out more about and receiving all of the Capital Allowances tax relief you are entitled to by visiting us today. We provide information that aims to let commercial property owners know about their Capital Allowances rights and our team of Capital Allowances Consultants specialise in claiming this tax relief/rebate from the government in accordance with very specific laws.

We work with CA TAX Solutions who have been in business for 4 years, have helped people claim back over £315million and are currently working on claims worth around £1.5billion. We focus on and only deal with Capital Allowances and really know our stuff, meaning we’re in the best position to inform you and to also get you the tax relief/rebate you are entitled to.

How we can help you

Because Capital Allowances are a fantastic way of stimulating your business and helping it to grow it is important you do everything you can to claim them.

The main reasons people do not claim the Capital Allowances tax relief they are entitled to;

  • They do not know about it
  • They do not understand the process involved
  • They fear they might not get anything and waste their time
  • They are wary of paying for specialist consultants in case they don’t receive anything (by the way we operate a no win, no fee policy!)
  • They think it is too good to be true!

We can help you with all of the above. Our Capital Allowances Consultants will explain in simple terms what Capital Allowances are and how they could benefit you, answering any of your questions along the way. They will then ask a few basic questions about your business and give you an estimate of what you should expect to gain. When you are happy to claim you then fill in a simple client instruction form which gives our specialists permission to access your accounts. From there a consultant at head office will speak to your accountant, check your accounts, visit the property to do a full survey of the building and produce a Capital Allowances Report which is signed off by your accountant and then sent to HMRC. After that you await your tax relief and/or rebate from the government! A more detailed claims process can be found here.

One of our consultants will be able to tell you in the first call if they think you are entitled to claim back Capital Allowances and even give you an estimate of the amount you could get. Call now on 0161 968 2051

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Phone: 0161 968 2051